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"The Rapid Outline Course" is an accelerated one-day session for aspiring authors ready to transform their life stories and experiences into compelling book outlines. This interactive and hands-on workshop guides you through the nuances of writing, issues with content organization, and theme concentration, ensuring your story connects with your intended audience. With a focus on efficiency and structured guidance, this course is the perfect stepping stone for those committed to seeing their manuscript written and published. Join us to turn your life journey into the perfect outline and narrative with our expert-led sessions. Leave this session with confidence and the outline necessary to write and publish your life story.

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Unlock the secrets to organizing your life story and finding its unique theme with expert guidance. Secure your spot now by registering below.

Everyone says to you, “You should write a book.” Well, here’s your chance to get guidance on your outline, create a road map for you to write, and get unstuck from all the content you desire to share. Take the step to get help with your outline.


  • 1-Day Session

  • 2 Hours of Immersive Guidance



This Session Is For:

  • Aspiring Authors, whether you consider yourself a non-writer or a person with no writing experience.

  • People who need help with content organization, especially if you have a lot of content you want to share.


Final Result:

  • A Book Outline to Jumpstart Your Writing Journey.

  • Confidence in Your Life Story Narrative.

  • Organized with Your Content, Thoughts, and Story.

YOUR BOOK NEEDS A BLUEPRINT - Coach Var Kelly is the expert that will guide you every step of the way.

  • OUTLINE CREATION You will learn the art of creating an outline that forms the backbone of your book. An effective outline is the roadmap to writing your life story.

  • THEME DEVELOPMENT Discover how to identify and develop the central theme that will make your book resonate with readers.

  • STRUCTURE YOUR STORY Learn how to organize your life experiences into a coherent and engaging narrative.

  • EXPERT GUIDANCE Benefit from personalized guidance in this group setting (not more than 10 people per class) to ensure your outline is on the right track.

JOIN THE SESSION Secure your spot and embark on your journey to writing your life story today.

Unlock Your Writing Potential Join Our Interactive Writing Session

Only 10-people per class. So book sign up TODAY before all sessions are sold out.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

  • Morning Session: 11 am (Eastern) / 10 am (Central) / 9 am (Mountain) / 8 am (Pacific)

  • Afternoon Session: 2 pm (Eastern) / 1 pm (Central) / 12 pm (Mountain) / 11 am (Pacific)


Saturday, January 13, 2024

  • Morning Session: 11 am (Eastern) / 10 am (Central) / 9 am (Mountain) / 8 am (Pacific)

  • Afternoon Session: 2 pm (Eastern) / 1 pm (Central) / 12 pm (Mountain) / 11 am (Pacific)


Saturday, January 20, 2024

  • Morning Session: 11 am (Eastern) / 10 am (Central) / 9 am (Mountain) / 8 am (Pacific)

  • Afternoon Session: 2 pm (Eastern) / 1 pm (Central) / 12 pm (Mountain) / 11 am (Pacific)


Saturday, January 27, 2024

  • Morning Session: 11 am (Eastern) / 10 am (Central) / 9 am (Mountain) / 8 am (Pacific)

  • Afternoon Session: 2 pm (Eastern) / 1 pm (Central) / 12 pm (Mountain) / 11 am (Pacific)

Step Up To The Challenge. Here's How:

Join our 2-hour interactive session on the selected date and time that suits you best.

General Admission Price: $99

Here's What You Get

• 2 Hours of Interactive Writing Guidance

• Personalized Support

• Develop a Solid Book Outline

• Jumpstart Your Book Writing Journey

Ready to embark on your book-writing adventure?

Secure your spot now and take the first step toward making your book a reality.



Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions aren't listed below, feel free to email us at []

Q: Who is this session for? Individuals aspiring to write and publish their life stories. If you've been contemplating sharing your experiences and need guidance for your outline, this session is designed for you.

Q: Who is this session not for? This session is not for those who are not committed to their book-writing journey. If you're not serious about transforming your life story into a book, please do not join.

Q: How much does the session cost? The session is priced at $99, which includes 2 hours of interactive guidance and expert support to kickstart your book-writing journey with your outline.

Q: How is this session different from free writing resources? While there is a wealth of free writing advice available, this session offers personalized guidance and interactive activities tailored to your specific needs. Everybody’s life story is different and not all rules apply to all people.

Q: Are the sessions live? Yes, the sessions are live and interactive. It’s best to sign up, complete the necessary pre-assignment tasks, be on time to the session, bring your laptop, and set aside all distractions to get the most out of the session.

Q: How does the 1-day session work? The session runs for 2 hours. You'll receive expert guidance, engage in interactive lessons, and have the opportunity for one-on-one support with Coach Var Kelly.

Q: Will I receive personalized feedback on my life story? Yes, if you join the session, you'll have the chance to receive personalized guidance from Coach Var Kelly to help you develop your book outline.

Q: How do I secure a spot in the session? To secure your spot, register and pay the $99 fee. Hurry, as sessions are limited to a small group of participants.

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