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JWIS Copyediting Evaluation

JWIS Copyediting Evaluation


This service allows the author first to receive an evaluation of their manuscript. Then, once JWIS Staff has evaluated the manuscript, a report is submitted to the customer with the copyediting tier (Basic, Medium, and Advanced) and the number of hours required for the edits.


If the customer approves the quote, the JWIS editing staff completes copyediting, including edits to content flow, grammatical errors, and recommends the addition of more content.


To start your JWIS Copyediting experience, purchase JWIS Copyediting Evaluation for a flat-fee of $149.99. This step is the first step to receiving an evaluation and having a manuscript receive the appropriate editing tier.

  • JWIS Copyediting Evaluation Terms & Agreement

    JWIS Copyediting Evaluation is not an agreement to complete manuscript edits. It is only the cost associated with the evaluation. After the assessment is given to the customer, the evaluation report will include the next steps for copy editing, a quote for copyediting, the number of hours associated with the manuscript, and a timeline. A percentage of the copyediting quote is paid by the customer, which initiates the actual copyediting process.

    Once a percentage of the copyediting quote is paid, the customer can only add minimum content to the manuscript. This addition includes minor details to content and a few paragraphs (not more than 5-paragraphs) associated with manuscript ideas. Any additions more than the mentioned items will incur additional costs to the customer.

    All aspects of the JWIS Copyediting Evaluation and copyediting process is non-refundable. The final edited manuscript is only provided to the customer after payment is paid in full.

    The length of time for completion of the JWIS Copyediting Evaluation is not less than three weeks. The length of time associated with the Copyediting of a manuscript is based on the edit tier reported in the evaluation report and is discussed with the customer.